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Sitemap Generator

Last updated: 2024-04-12 02:45:26

Generating a sitemap for your website with Luminova Framework is straightforward. Follow these simple steps.

Open Command Line Interface (CLI): Navigate to your project directory in the command line interface and execute the following command in the CLI to generate the sitemap:

php novakit generate:sitemap

Configure Sitemap Settings (Required)

Customize your sitemap settings according to your project requirements. You will need to configure your project URL, optionally define your URL ignores or set the maximum scanning depth.


Open the sitemap configuration file located at /app/Controllers/Config/Sitemap.php, and modify the settings as needed.

After configuring your settings, rerun sitemap generation command (php novakit generate:sitemap) to apply the changes

  • Class namespace: \Luminova\Seo\Sitemap


An alternative method to generate sitemap within your code.


Generate sitemap XLM file for your application.

public static generate(null|string $url = null, null|\Luminova\Base\BaseConsole $cli = null): bool


$urlnull|stringApplication start URL
$clinull|\Luminova\Base\BaseConsoleLuminova Console instance
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