Luminova Framework

IP Configuration

Last updated: 2024-05-22 23:01:01

The IP Configuration class allows developers to configure settings related to IP address lookup and validation in their applications. It provides properties to specify the IP address API provider for IP info lookup, API key, trusted proxies, and other options as required.

  • Class namespace: \App\Controllers\Config\IPConfig
  • File path: /app/Controllers/Config/IPConfig.php
  • This class is marked as final and can't be subclassed



Specify the IP address API provide to use in looking up user ip address information.Available Providers: ipapi and iphub

public string $apiProvider = 'iphub';


If you are using iphub, then you need to specify the API version.

public string $ipHubVersion = 'v2';


Specify the IP address provide's API key.

public string $apiKey = '';


List of trusted proxy IP addresses or subnets.

public array<int,string> $trustedProxies = [];

This will be used in conjunction with Request class to determine if incoming request is from a truest proxy or ip address. If none is provided then no additional authentication will be done in incoming request.