Luminova Framework

Cookie Configuration

Last updated: 2024-05-22 23:00:03

The Cookie Configuration class provides properties to configure various aspects of cookies used in web applications, particularly for client-side cookie management. These properties allow developers to customize settings such as the save path, expiration, cookie path, domain, SameSite attribute, security flags, and more.

  • Class namespace: \App\Controllers\Config\Cookie
  • File path: /app/Controllers/Config/Cookie.php
  • This class is marked as final and can't be subclassed



The path where session files are stored on the server.

public string $savePath = '';


The lifetime of the session in seconds.

public int $expiration = 365 * 24 * 60 * 60;


The path to use for the session cookie.

public string $cookiePath = '/';


The domain to use for the session cookie.

public string $cookieDomain = '.localhost';


Set the session cookie security level.

Possible attributes: None, Lax, Strict

public string $sameSite = 'Lax'


Cookie will only be set if a secure HTTPS connection exists.

public bool $secure = false;


Cookie will only be accessible via HTTP(S) (no JavaScript).

public bool $httpOnly = true;


This flag allows setting a 'raw' cookie, i.e., its name and value are not URL encoded using rawurlencode() leaving the cookie as it was.

public bool $cookieRaw = false;

If this is set to true, cookie names should be compliant of RFC 2616's list of allowed characters.

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