Luminova Framework

Encryption Configuration

Last updated: 2024-05-22 23:00:24

The Encryption Configuration class provides properties to configure encryption settings for data encryption and decryption in your applications. These properties allow developers to specify the encryption algorithm, method, digest, and key information used for encryption and decryption operations.

  • Class namespace: \App\Controllers\Config\Encryption
  • File path: /app/Controllers/Config/Encryption.php
  • This class is marked as final and can't be subclassed



Specify encryption algorithm to use (openssl or sodium).

public string $handler = 'openssl';


The encryption mode for openssl (e.g., 'AES-128-CBC', 'AES-192-CBC', 'AES-128-CFB', 'AES-128-ECB').

public string $method = 'AES-128-CBC';


Specify hashing digest to use (e.g., SHA512, SHA256).

public string $digest = 'SHA512';


Provides information about the key used in openssl encryption.

public string $keyInfo = '';