Luminova routing is well designed and optimized, ensuing optimal application routing and rendering views.

With Luminova, you can easily switch from one storage to another. Vast cloud and locale storage system available for for your application.

Easy integration of schema object in your web pages. Generating your website xml sitemap with by running a simple NovaKit command.

Looking to create an AI powered application, try Luminova's OpenAI modes to interact with models like GhatGPT, and more...

Build your own command line tool, everything you need ranging from text formatting, applying color and executing system command.
PHP Luminova designed for efficient web development. It provides features like routing, middleware management, and database integration.
Installing the Luminova framework via Composer is straightforward process, with just a single Composer commands, you'll have Luminova set up and ready to build.
Whats New?
Take a glimpse to the latest updates and enhancements introduced to the Luminova framework new release, to stay informed on the newest features, improvements, and bug fixes.
Dependency Injection
Luminova's Dependency Injection simplifies the process of injecting dependencies into your application controller, allowing seamless access to them throughout your controller and views.
Luminova requires a minimum PHP version 8 and above, ensuring compatibility with the latest PHP releases. By leveraging the newest features and optimizations available in PHP8.
Class Autoloader
Simplifies the autoloading mechanism of PHP class following PSR-4.

Features Customization

Luminova offers a wide range of useful features, but we recognize that not all of them may be necessary for your application. To enhance performance, you can easily enable or disable specific features through environment configuration.