Luminova Framework

Luminova Introduction

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Luminova is the PHP framework for web developers. It encourage web development with its elegant architecture, intuitive design patterns, and rich feature set, making it an excellent choice for constructing robust and scalable web applications.

It minimize code rewriting so you can concentrate on coding cleaner and maintainable application logic with Luminova's MVC architecture.

We prioritize performance by offering an easy customization for selective features through the env file. This ensures the framework includes only what's needed for to render selected view, this approach allows you to enable or disable certain features depending on project.

Luminova offers features and methods to enhance application performance for both database and rendering template views effectively and reducing server load.

Whats Here For Me?

Looking for something simple but gives you everything you need?

  1. Flexible routing and middleware security capabilities for both cli and web applications.
  2. Object Relational Mapping (ORM) simplify database interactions and manipulation with the help of Database Builder class.
  3. Potent PHP template engine that promote view inheritance, segregation of presentation. Optional supports for third-party template engines like Smarty and Twig.
  4. Implementing encryption, user authentication and session login authorization is effortless with built-in features.
  5. Caching mechanisms and optimization tools to boost application performance and database load.
  6. Highly extensible, enabling developers to seamlessly integrate third-party libraries and modules into their projects.
  7. Filesystem Storages, support for different storages system like "AWS3", "Azure Blob", "Locale" and many more.
  8. Easily integrate an AI powered features into your application using OpenAI Models and more.
  9. Comprehensive error handling ensures that no errors go unnoticed, including non-fatal inline errors we have eye everywhere looking.
  10. Utilities, Classes to help application development faster, like Schema generator, Sitemap Generator and many more.
  11. NovaKit CLI, a Luminova command line tool for creating CLI applications and expediting application development.

Get Started

Zero configuration require, just installs and build install the framework via Composer and refer to the comprehensive documentation and examples available on the website.