Luminova Framework

Development Server

Last updated: 2024-07-13 14:49:07

Luminova provides a convenient built-in development server, leveraging PHP's native web server functionality. You have the option to use this server for local development or continue using platforms like XAMPP or WAMPP.


To display help related information for development server run the below command.

php novakit server --help

PHP Dev Server

To launch the Luminova PHP development server, navigate to the main directory of your project and run the following command:

php novakit server

This will start the server, and you can access your application in your browser at http://localhost:8080.

Command Options

You can customize the server configuration by specifying a hostname and port:

php novakit server --host= --port=8081

Passing your hostname and port will start the server and you can now view your application in your browser at

Additionally, you can specify a specific PHP version to use with the --php option, the value should specify the path to the PHP executable binary version you want to use:

php novakit server --php=/path/to/php.binary

Third Party Dev Server

If you prefer to use third-party development servers like XAMPP or WAMPP, simply install and start the respective application services. Then, navigate to the htdocs directory in XAMPP or the www directory in WAMPP and create your project directory (e.g.,

You can access your project by navigating to http://localhost/ or, in your web browser, which will launch your project.